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Legale is an E-Signing platform to provide the possibility to sign all types of documents digitally.
We provide the REST API to help customers to integrate legale service into their own.
Here we have the API documentation to explain how to use.

Base URL

The base url of legale API is here:
All the api endpoints should be added behind of this base url.


url: {{BASE_URL}}/token


All the api request of Legale service is secured by JWT token.
You should have an legale account to integrate API, so that you can get JWT token to use in every API request.
You can see more details over here.


Authorization: `Bearer {{token}}`,
// Other header options


You have a possibility to specified your language in API response.
You can pass the language code in API request header params.
You will receive the response error messages in that language.
Available language codes are en, es, pt.


"Accept-Language": "en",
// Other header options

Postman example

You can download the postman example from here.
Please make sure to create Postman Environment and set the variable named BASE_URL =